Here I would like to share with collection collection-a collection of words of wisdom which is available in this virtual world. May be used as a guide and example to the reader:

1) best friends is someone you can sit on a swing and rocking along without saying anything and then walked home with the feeling that it was the greatest conversation ever experienced.
2) Do not look for the beauty of it may be that it is false. Do not chase wealth as it will go down. Look for someone who makes you smile because it only requires a smile to brighten a gray day.Look who makes your heart smile.
3) Always imagine yourself in the shoes of a person. If you think it hurts you, think it may hurt others.
4) If the crime in response evil, then it is revenge. Tit for tat if it is normal. If benefits for tat, it is wrong. But if tit for good, it is a noble and admirable.
 "5) "Life can not be guided by conscience I can sometimes harm themselves. Main thing we should think about is getting something or do something good in accordance with the statement"
6) "A person regarded as a stumbling block restrictions, while others regard it as a whopping stone."

7) "Life in this world do not promise a lasting guarantee. What is the only trial, challenges and opportunities. Guarantee eternal can only be found when we go back to God."

8) "Make arrangements to do their best to live in whatever they do, would produce excellence
9) When you were born, you cried and the people around you smile. Carry your life so that when you die soon, you who are smiling and the people around you also will cry.
10) We stay young for crime but never old to repent.
11) Tomorrow, tomorrow there's but not sure for us. Remember, remember to check tomorrow to face the future.

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